Saturday, 9 February 2008

Marathis go home

Marathi people are nuts.

No less than racists.

Mumbai, Bombay, or Bambai is not their or Shiv sena's or Raj Thakare's personal property.

Poor, hard working north indians, south indians, gujaratis, punjabis,... all have contributed to what Bombay is today.

The bloody stupid racist rioting sainiks should note that there are several marathis in US, UK, and all around the world. In fact all over India. These are the same people who follow their own stupid culture, eat their own zunka bhakars, then send money to their own ghati folks in Maharshtra.

Is anything wrong with that? Yes, if you complain about other ethnic groups who do exactly the same thing.

I'm certainly against Shiv Sena and Raj Thakeray. But the hundreds of thousands of marathis who openly or
secretly follow the same thinking are just as much to blame.

Bloody racists.

Be Indian first and respect humanity!


Anonymous said...

you are the biggest chutiya i have seen ever.

giveandtakehelp said...

Absolutely Right!
People come to Bombay for 2 reasons
1.Bollywood and the subsequent job offers
2.BSE,Business and the subsequent job postings
These were set up by all communities-specifically the Marwaris,the Punjabis,the Parsis,the Gujratis and Jains.Before that any development of Mumbai was done by the British-RBI,SBI,Lion's Gate and Asiatic Library.MAHARASHTRIANS SHOULD NOT CLAIM OTHER COMMUNITIES
DEVELOPMENTS AS THEIR OWN.Maharashtrians in other parts of the country have set up businesses and got jobs without other communities disturbing them

giveandtakehelp said...

The jobs the Maharashtrians want were created by other communities and they were created for the best people,irrespective of caste,REGION, class,religion and gender.The best applicants or labour contractors were taken.If tomorrow infosys or Tatas or Reliance or Birlas decide to do business the way Raj Thackrey wants 'Ho gaya satyanas India Ka'

P.S.Here is a link to an Article about the Thackreys which rings true

proudindian said...

agree entirely.

RajDharma said...

Bottomline is Maharashtara dont need anymore bhaiyaas , if those are so capable and best in the business do it in UP .
All these up-bihari bahiyaas raise their voices in maharashtra as marathi people have a tendency to accomodate all.But now its high time Mumbai and for that matter Pune,Nasik as well cant take nay more Bhaiyyas and Biharis.

Anonymous said...

Mr giveandtakehelp has not understood clearly what raj has told. Raj is not against people from other state. He is against the will of UP, bihari netas to rule Mumbai.

giveandtakehelp has mentioned that jobs were given on the basis of merit. But it is not true. All High level officers at all govt and private organisations level have given jobs and work contracts to their community's person only marathi officers have given contracts on merit and competitive bid format. You can cross check the information with all govt. offices.

Anonymous said...

so according to anonymous (and why are you guys so afraid of revealing youyr identity anyway?) it is okay if Raj is against people from up/bihar and not from other states.

maharashtrian people have a false sense of superiority that manifests into hatred for other cultures. they are like germans, and Shiv Sena and MNS are like Hitler's Third Reich SS.

Anonymous said...

Raj Saheb,I support you , before the UP/Biharis start making Ranvir’s sena’s and massacre people (and the government keeping quite), before the same kinds start aborting girl fetus (and the government keeping quite) , before the likes start scams of “chara” and making others “la-char”, cheer up for sati (and the government keeping quite) , let there be revolution against what is wrong , in favor of right, let there be revolution against hyporites who oppose bangladeshis for the same reason for which they support low wages migrants from their regions, let there be revolution against the wrong in favor the right…

Anonymous said...

Marathis are always welcoming to people from other states. It should be evident from the large population of Non-Marathis in Maharashtra - not just in Mumbai but thro’out the State.

The discontent among Marathis in my opinion also comes from unfairness demonstrated by Non-Marathis when it comes to offering jobs i.e. while Marathis tend to be fair when in position of power to offer employment, non-Marathis tend to hire some one that speaks their language. I certainly do not want to make a blanket statement. But that’s the impression I got by observing Upper/Middle Management/Employee Lists of Govt/Semi Govt establishments.

For e.g.

1. Look at Telephone Nigam Oraganizations in Delhi and Mumbai - don’t they look the same ? Marathis are almost missing from Mumbai MTNL. I’m confident many of these folks are Non-Marathis that do not know Marathi language or culture i.e. these are implants from outside.

2. How can Dombivli (predominantly Marathi town) Rly Station ticket window has all Non-Marathis who know no Marathi working them?

3. How can a LIC Development Officer in an area which is predominantly Marathi be non-Marathi who has no knowledge of Marathi?

Believe me this can only happen in Mumbai/Maharashtra and if you reverse the situation its close to being impossible in any other state.

I feel Marathis are targetted and positions of public interface are on purpose offered to Non-Marathis that way the masses are always brain washed with the theme that “business in Maharashtra” need to be conducted in Hindi.

I do believe us Marathis are progressive, open-minded and are welcoming and tolerant of others as long as they play a fair game. We are proud to be indians first but only as long as others play a fair game with us. If non-Marathis are systematically and consistently willing to play the dirty game of favoriticism we’ve no option but to defend ourselves and our identity.

I would also want to comment on some things with reference to Raj Controversy :

1. Raj did not say any of his comments on his own, he was provoked and was reacting to comments from the Samajvadi Leader from North, was he not?

2. Some people are now pushing for Hindi in Mumbai Mahanagarpalika. Again this kind of non-sense could only be tolerated in Maharashtra. Hindi is often touted as the National Language and therefore they want to replace English with Hindi which is not completely accurate. Those who have read Indian Constitution which is also available online know that the fact is all Indian Languages have been given the status of National Language by our Constitution.

3. I often see comments that say Mumbai is made great by entrepreuners which are Non-Marathis and what if they all decide to leave. Here’s what I say - let them leave. They are not here in Mumabi conducting business because they love the city, Marathis, their language or culture. They’re not doing any favor to anyone but themselves. They’re here not for anything but their capitalistic interest, Mumbai provides them a safe place to conduct business with a large base of educated workers and consumers, they get the best bang for the buck here and that’s why they’re here. Its a 2 way street folks.

The fact is non-Marathis that assimilate and respect the local language / culture and play a fair game are and will always be welcome in Maharashtra.

In summary, I think the effective solution to these problems could be to adopt a 2 language system to conduct business with Marathi first and English second. If only Marathis speak their language everywhere most of the problems would take care of themselves.

Jay Hind!

Anonymous said...

If UP and Bihari persons are so hardworking then, I dont know, why the hell UP and Bihar are so backword. What the hell you laaloo and other idiots are doing?
The UP and Bihari persons are really like dirt spreading all over India. They must be stopped.
What Raj is doing is perfectly right.
Migrants has to give respect to the places they are working. I have seen a lot of people staying in Maharashtra but dont know Marathi language at all!!

Anonymous said...

Aey Joe tujhya nanachi tang. UP wale kai tujhya Aavshicho gho aahet? Je tu tyanchi baju ghetos. Whatever Raj is doing it is good. Bhaiyyas are dirty people. They are making Mumbai dirty. "Bhaiyyas Go Back"

Avi said...

I do agree to your points, but I believe some of your words may act as fuel to the fire.....

you sh'dn't 've written...
"Marathi people are nuts." the very first line....
Its more community specific

"who follow their own stupid culture".... sixth line
one shdn't mouth these words as you only said that B an Indian first & you are pointing to culture of a state of our country

"then send money to their own ghati folks in Maharshtra" seventh line
all across the world ppl do the same "ghati shoudn't 've been used"

when you are writing a blog you shd take care of things alike these as you are publishing these things open to the entire world.

& your statements can be take wrongly as ppl follow them blindly.

Anonymous said...

well no offence to anyone but i think but MNS only has the balls to hit the comman man... why doesnt MNS ask for mahrashtrian quota from private sector companies(pune the new it hub). They know that they cant do that because if such a thing happens these companies will not give a shit about that. Please be a little logical and think about this. How can you claim everything based on quota... Merit does not come from caste, creed, region.. Day is not far when anti MNS groups evolve and do the same to mahrashtrians all over the country..

Anonymous said...



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