Saturday, 9 February 2008

Arrest Raj Thackeray

Arrest this man!


Marathis go home

Marathi people are nuts.

No less than racists.

Mumbai, Bombay, or Bambai is not their or Shiv sena's or Raj Thakare's personal property.

Poor, hard working north indians, south indians, gujaratis, punjabis,... all have contributed to what Bombay is today.

The bloody stupid racist rioting sainiks should note that there are several marathis in US, UK, and all around the world. In fact all over India. These are the same people who follow their own stupid culture, eat their own zunka bhakars, then send money to their own ghati folks in Maharshtra.

Is anything wrong with that? Yes, if you complain about other ethnic groups who do exactly the same thing.

I'm certainly against Shiv Sena and Raj Thakeray. But the hundreds of thousands of marathis who openly or
secretly follow the same thinking are just as much to blame.

Bloody racists.

Be Indian first and respect humanity!


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